Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson Talks About The Priceless Power Of Higher Education

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According to Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson, the value of a college education when done correctly is priceless. A rich college environment can result in remarkable growth and development. Attorney Van Johnson believes that higher education can be uniquely transformative. He has seen the transformative power of higher education in his life and the life of others. Because of higher education, he has been able to achieve a lot in his personal and professional life.  

From a young age, he was taught to appreciate the power of education by his strict and disciplined father who was a highly decorated military pilot. He was taught the importance of acquiring diverse skills. Even before he started practicing law, Van Johnson had already worked as a senior health physics physician in the nuclear industry. That made him enter law practice with unique skills that most graduates lack. 

Higher Education Provides a Competitive Edge

According to Van Johnson, graduates who are younger than 30 years earn $17,000 more each year than those who have only a high school diploma.  He believes that higher education will equip someone with marketable skills and credentials. This will make them more competitive in the overall job market.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson advises those who are currently employed but don’t have a degree to return to school because having a degree will make them advance in their career or start a new one. It will help them to make more money and achieve their career goals. 

Whether someone is an entry-level employee or a senior manager, Van Johnson is confident that higher education will help them to grow and advance their career. It will facilitate self-improvement. In his own life, education has helped him stay competitive in the crowded and challenging legal industry.

Skills & Knowledge

Van Johnson advises that undergraduate or graduate education will equip a person with practical knowledge and skills that can be applied in the workplace or personal life. For example, an accounting degree will help a person to learn the best practices of accounting. A management degree will enlighten someone about time-tested leadership principles and how to handle conflict. The knowledge can be both practical and factual. 

Job Satisfaction

Most Americans are stuck in dead-end jobs. Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson recommends pursuing higher education to escape the dead-end and to be able to pursue an interesting and inspiring career. With higher education, a person will have the freedom to choose a career that he is likely to enjoy. This will result in higher job satisfaction.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are important in life. Most employers usually search for people who have soft skills. Van Johnson believes that through higher education, a person will be able to enhance their soft skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication. These skills will give a person the experience to pursue the next step in their career.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson just like Nelson Mandela is a powerful believer that education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world. For more information, visit