The Benefits of taking a Floristy course

2 min read

If you work in the world of floristry, you most definitely have an interest in flowers, all kinds of sizes, shapes and other variations of them.

You may just be starting out in floristry and looking to start your own little business, or you may be an established name with a shop / shops that you sell your wares from.  No matter what stage you find yourself at, it is without doubt true that you can still learn more about your chosen profession, and there is no better way to do this than by undertaking a floristry course.  

Now, you might be thinking to yourself ‘I don’t need anybody to tell me anything, I already know what I need to know’, however you might surprise yourself.

There are lots of flower schools around that offer various courses, and the school you choose to work with will be based on a number of considerations you will need to make.  Some of these considerations include: what you want to achieve from a floristry course, what subjects it covers (relevant to you?), the tutors and their experience (can they really give you what you need?).

If you are based in London, just within that area there are lots of floristry schools but one for you to definitely check out is the London Flower School.  The London Flower School can be found online at, and they offer a variety of courses to suit all needs and requirements at various price points to ensure that your budget is catered for.

The London Flower School offers accredited courses for you (certification is based on 80% + attendance), and depending on what you choose to study you can learn all sorts ranging from: How to Start Your Business, Marketing and Photography, How to Create a Hand-Tied Bouquet, Understanding more about the Art of Floristry, there really is something for everyone there.

Head on over to the London Flower School website and have a look around to see exactly what they offer and how they work.  You will find courses that last several weeks and you will also find those that last for a day only – as mentioned there will be something to suit your needs and requirements that will also tie in with your level of experience.

Please feel free to contact the team at the LFS, who will be more than happy to speak to you and understand what it is you are looking for in order to give you the best chance of gaining more from your course(s).