The Best Way to Find a Job in Austin, Texas

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Austin is unique for its job market. It is the capital of the state of Texas so there are lots of state jobs available. And there are several Fortune 500 companies that have offices in Austin so companies like IBM, 3M, eBay and Google are always looking for new people to bring into their companies. And both these state jobs and other companies use Austin TX recruiting firms to help with finding people who are qualified to join these companies. If you are appointed to a temp job with many of these organizations and you are good at what you do – you could end up with a permanent position.

Happened with me

That is what happened with me – I got a temp job through a recruiting firm with 3M and ended up staying almost 10 years. A good opportunity to turn a temp job into a full-time employee. But there is one problem with these companies; women do not get paid as much as men or at least they didn’t 20 years ago. But in this area things are changing.

My son

My son currently works with eBay and they have some fantastic benefits and the entire company just got a raise over the summer. These are the types of great companies that many in Austin can find and get established with. And it is all done through recruiting firms. 

Other things about Austin

On top of all of that, Austin has 3 Universities, a community college, and a ton of fun things to do. It is probably one of the better cities in the United States to find a job and settle down. If you happen to be moving to Austin start your look for a job with recruiting firms as well as the many temp agencies as this is the best way to find a good job in this city. This is probably the best way to get in with a good company or a state government job.


Many positions in Austin have as a benefit payment for you to take a few courses here or there if you want to further your education. Many employees don’t take advantages of this but if you get the chance don’t turn it down. Furthering your education means that you can also further your career.


Don’t forget when looking for a job in Austin sign up with recruiting firms.