How to Choose the Best Vacuum Oven?

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Choosing the appropriate and best vacuum oven is often intimidating particularly if your lab is in the building stage. At the outset you need to determine which types of vacuum oven is suitable for you. The best way to determine is to consider a few components like the performance of vacuum oven, its energy efficiency, space requirement and the budget. However, you must keep in mind that each type and each style of vacuum oven provides its own specific unique merits. Get the best vacuum oven from the Sasquash presses that will serve your purposes better than anything else.

If you are small scale production, the desktop AccuTemp vacuum ovens are the best for you which will provide the heat from five different sides namely from the top, bottom, right, left and back. You can also hold large sample containers like glassware etc. In order to process various strains, you may need a Zone controlled AccuTemp vacuum oven which would be useful due to their individually heated shelves. You can simultaneously produce various textured extractions like shatter, waxes and crumble etc.

The Elite vacuum oven is better for processing batches of products especially in the level of large scale. It is like the desktop AccuTemps featured with removable shelves which eventually allows extra spaces for expandable material. However, the heating methods between the two are different. The elite uses the jacketed system of heating which delivers the best temperature within 3% accuracy in the entire chamber.

The difference between zone control and removal shelves would be identical for you while choosing a vacuum oven. During the extraction process, the requirement of additional space may be a useful feature. The comparatively smaller desktop AccyTemp along with all sizes of Elite vacuum ovens have the feature of providing extra space. The larger zone-controlled oven eventually has plenty of spaces in between the shelves. However, you should always make sure to check with the containers and see if they can fit your purpose.

The heat source is another critical component you must determine essential. As described earlier, the AccuTemp desktop ovens heat from five different sides by using the latest pad heating technology. The larger zone-controlled ovens generate heat directly from the shelf. The Elite ovens use a jacketed system of heating that circulates hot air in the walls of the chamber. The heating system of the Elite system is considered to be the best in the industry.