How to Choose Silicone Bulb Seal and Gaskets as per Your Application Requirement

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Are you looking for better quality and customer size, shape bulb seals and gasket that can be suitable for your application requirement? In this blog we will check what are the things you must consider while buying silicone rubber bulb seals and gaskets. Silicone bulb seals and gaskets are widely used in door bulb seal, bulb weather stripping, shower bulb seal & bulb gaskets in various shape and size as per application requirement.

Multiple Selection

Selecting the right bulb seals and gaskets for your application involves proper compound selection for both bulb and also for sections. Or else the bulb seal may admin wind or water. And also get fail to withstand ozone or UV light, or become incapable to resist stable deformation after compressive force is detached.

The bulb seals gasket made of sponge rubber or thermoplastic elastomer. That provides very good resistance to weather, ozone, aging, water and steam also and that make it possible to use bulb seals and gasket in various range of application that is being used in different industry. This durable synthetic rubber also remains flexible at low to high temperatures range. The another good thing is that it is reusable and can be recycled also.

Know Where Silicone Rubber Bulb Seals are used:

  • Door & Window Seals: Silicone rubber bulb seal is the best option for using in door and window seals, mainly its best option for using in glass door to protect glass from physical damage.
  • Medical Equipment: Bulb seal is also suitable when it comes to use it in medical devices and various range of large to medium size of equipment.
  • Food Processing equipment: Elastostar offers rubber bulb seals, silicone rubber tubing that is food grade approved rubber and bulb seal is nontoxic and high to low temperature resistance so it is widely used in food processing industry.
  • Dairy handling tubing: As Silicone rubber bulb seal is food grade approved it can be also used in dairy handling tubing.
  • Automotive Industry: There are various type of parts are being made with silicone rubber bulb seal specially for automotive industry, that industry required rubber that can resist high temperature and silicone bulb seal gasket has that capability to fit in different type of applications that is being used in Automotive industry.
  • High Voltage Insulation: Silicone rubber bulb seal is shock resistance and therefor bulb seal is the best solution for protecting from high voltage wires and insulation.
  • Electrical Parts: As it has better protection with shock resistance there are number of different electrical parts required silicone rubber bulb seals.

Color, Internal Supports, and Exterior Finishes

Elastostar Rubber Corp offers various color sealing solution such as white, off white, grey. generally, most of the industrial rubber products are In black and we provides various range of color as per the application requirement. We provide well finishes, gritty, rough finish also available only at Elastostar.

Weather Resistance

Weather is hard on gasket material, thus classifying a weather resistant gasket material is important. Ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight attack bonds between carbon atoms in many rubbers. Ozone, (O3) often found in contaminated industrial areas and around electrical attachments, does the same. Temperature extremes, particularly cold, move physical presentation, as can moistness.

For superior outdoor performance, fluorosilicone materials stand out. These have excellent resistance to O3, UV, and weather plus a very wide temperature variety. They are also good with fuels. Their main limits are poor abrasive presentation and high value.

About Elastostar

Elastostar Rubber Corporation is an industry head in silicone fabricating with objective to help our clients in accomplishing supported gainful development as an issue solver and supplier of great items and administrations. We give configuration, building and assembling of elastomer items to our clients universally sponsored with our streamlined and imaginative stock.

Company like Elastostar rubber corp offers best quality non-reactive and stable silicone rubber for making your bulb rubber seal resistance in very high to low temperature range. It also provides very good resistance to UV, ozone graze also. By providing special grade such as 3A Sanitary, FDA 21 CFR177.2600, USDA, USP CL-VI, NSF, NSF STD-51, UL, Military and Industrial/Commercial requirements.  We will be providing flexibility to choose different hardness and color as per the application requirement.