Conveniently Ship Your Parcel through Air to Foreign Countries

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Air cargo industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Many businesses are dependent on this. They not deliver the parcels in the country but also outside the country. The services provided by a cargo company are fast, reliable, and friendly. Most of these companies are associated with big brands like FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc. They also provide air and sea freights and door to door services to their customers.

The cheapest way to send your parcel to another country is through air parcel (พัสดุย่อยทางอากาศ, which is the term in Thai). Parcel services are different from courier services. Parcel services are widely used for delivering small and individual packages across the country. Courier services, on the other hand, are used for heavier and bulk packages within and outside the country.

Difference between Parcels and Couriers

Parcels are delivered by almost all postal systems, courier companies, shipping carriers, and express mails. The local parcels are usually delivered on the same day. This is why it is highly preferred by online grocery and food services. You can track your package online with the tracking number provided by the company. You can also send your packages outside the country. The shipping price to foreign countries depends on the weight of the package and the country where you want to send the package.

What Do Courier and Air Parcel Service Providers Provide?

There are many courier companies and postal services in Thailand that provide efficient and reliable. These companies deliver packages within 1 to 5 business days. They guarantee hand delivery to recipient and have customer service centres across the globe. However, express deliveries to foreign countries do not include DVDs, CDs, credit cards, passports, etc.

What Information Would the Service Providers Need From You?

You must provide some information to the courier companies such name and address of the recipient and sender, phone numbers of both the sender and recipient and the sender’s email id. In case it is an air parcel then you would need to provide the same details as for the courier.

The shipping price to foreign countries (ราคาส่งของไปต่างประเทศ, term in Thai) depends on what you are sending and where you are sending. The heavier the package, the more the price will be.

So, choose your courier service based on their reliability and how fast they can deliver to your destination. You can search for them online, and you will find all courier service providers in Thailand.