Decorate Your Staircase With Led Lights

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When we decide to decorate our house, most times we forget certain relevant spaces thinking that their functionality is less important.  We are used to concentrating on the areas where we carry out the greatest amount of activity and leaving out some important places.

This Is The Case With The Stairs

These zones of passage are the important parts to obtain complete and adequate lighting in its totality.

Without a doubt, the lighting of the stairs must combine functionality and security. But also allow the best possible use for the people who cross them.

First of all, to achieve a good decoration on the stairs, it is necessary to take into account the source of natural light and the shadows that are generated.

After taking into account these aspects, we must decide the type of LED lighting ideal for the stairs of our space.

Types Of Led Lighting For Staircases

Led Lighting

The idea is to place at each step or every two steps, sconces, or LED beacons embedded in the wall at the height of the feet. It is also possible to use detectors for the beacons to light at each step.

Total Lighting

We can opt for the installation of a low-intensity LED ceiling lamp that illuminates all the stairs.

Integral Lighting

It consists of the use of the other systems combined. A central LED suspended lamp and LED beacons recessed every two steps. This guarantees a clear and unambiguous brightness that could cause accidents to the user.

Stair Lighting According To The Model

Not all stairs have the same shape, which is why it is important to know the ideal way to provide LED lighting to the stairs.

Straight Staircase

These are the common stairs with continuous sections and in the previous part. We pointed out what was the best way to give it LED lighting with quality and beauty.

Remember to use LED lights on the sides or at the top edge of each step and for example, a pendant lamp for central LED lighting.

Spiral Staircase

In this case, it relies on whether the stairs have a wall or not. If so, the lighting can be realized as stairs with linear steps. In the opposite case, the ideal is to use lamps, 10W LED spotlights, or RGB (color changing) spotlights placed on the surrounding walls at each turn of the spiral.