Driving School or Personal Instructor: Which one is better?

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There are two options to choose from when you want to learn driving. You can either enroll yourself in a driving school or hire a personal driving instructor. But the main question here is which is better? If you are confused between the two options then we can help you clear your doubt.

Difference between a driving school and a personal instructor

To conclude, we need to first point out the differences between the two options.

  1. Timing

Every driving school you go to has fixed learning hours. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or a working adult, you will have to adjust your schedule with them. There is no way that they will adjust according to your timing. This is a big problem for those who are working as most of the driving lessons are given during the day. However, this is not the case when you hire a personal driving instructor. Since he is hired by you, he will adjust his timing according to your schedule. However, if you are still looking for a reputed driving school then you can take Staten Driving Lessons.

  1. Personal teaching

In a driving school, you have to learn driving Land Rover Business Contract Hire along with other learners. This means you will not get the full attention of your instructor. Many of you may find it difficult to learn this way. But this problem can be solved by hiring a driving instructor. When you hire a personal instructor, he will teach only you for the allotted time. You will get his full attention and guidance. This will help you to learn driving better.

  1. Fees

The next important thing is the fee structure. Most of the driving schools charge you a heavy amount for their lessons. But when you get the same driving lessons for your instructor, you can get it for a lesser cost. The prices offered by deriving schools are higher because of the quality infrastructure they offer. They even give you their learning car. You cannot get all these facilities for a personal instructor. Even if the prices are high, it is worth it in the end. But if you want to save money then you can hire a personal instructor.

Now that you know the main differences, it’s up to you to decide  Land Rover Used Car suits your needs the best.