Embrant improves on distributed warehousing concept

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The buying public pressures business owners to get products delivered to them at an ever-increasing speed. And order fulfillment providers are coming up with innovative ways to address the need for speed.

Distributed warehousing is one solution that has made it easier to get products to customers in a fast-paced market environment.

Embrant, an order fulfillment provider, has added another element to the warehouse network concept. The company’s Shared Inventory Stock (SIS) model presents another option to business customers. And although participants in the SIS model must meet certain criteria to be included, the opportunity means an even faster order and delivery process.

How Shared Inventory Stock model works

Under this model, merchants use the distributed warehouse network, and when a particular item needs to be sent to a customer, the business client ships that item to any of Embrant’s network warehouses.

The company then ships an identical product to the customer from the closest warehouse to the location. This results in the customer getting the product much faster, often in less than 24 hours. And warehouse owners inspect each item to ensure that nothing shipped through this program is damaged.

Money-saving concept

The distributed warehousing concept is used by a wide range of order fulfillment companies. The attraction of the distributed warehousing idea is that it saves business customers time and money.

Products that will be shipped to consumers are stored at warehouse facilities distributed in strategic locations. These locations can be domestic or internationally.

When a customer places an order, the order fulfillment company locates the closest warehouse to the address. The proximity to the address comes with major advantages – reduction in shipping costs and a significant decrease in the time it delivers the product.

This reduced shipping time coupled with our own fast internal processing time means your customers get their orders in an incredibly short amount of time and quicker than they would if they got it from your closest competitor,” Embrant states on its website at

Differences is distribution warehouses

Order fulfillment suppliers have variations in the way their warehousing networks operate. Some have their own warehouse facilities, some rent and others team up with companies to provide warehouse spaces. And some companies have a handful of warehouses; others have hundreds.

According to its website, Complemar has 5 warehouse facilities across the county and ships products to more than 30 countries.

Easyship, a fulfillment supplier, offers business clients access to national and global warehouses. And the company says it has partnerships with warehouses internationally, allowing clients to have orders fulfilled anywhere.

ShipWire, a logistics company, also has a network of global warehouses to serve its business clients. The company says it has more than 30 fulfillment centers to meet the needs of their clients.

In comparison, Embrant offers business clients access to hundreds of distributed warehouses.

This puts your products in the prime location for delivery to just about any location in the country,” the company says on its website at “The number and location of these facilities means we are able to guarantee the fastest possible delivery.”