Essential Features and Characteristics of Coworking Spaces

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The coworking spaces were an idea or concept by Bernie DeKoven around the year 1995 and by 2005 the concept of coworking came into existence in San Francisco. Within a span of 5 years, there were more than 400 registered coworking spaces in different locations of six continents across the world as on July 2011 and in the contemporary period, it is reported that there were around 18700 coworking spaces functioning around the world as on 2018. It is further calculated that the numbers of coworking spaces will increase to 22400 by the end of 2019. This popularity and rate of growth of the coworking industry significantly indicate the benefits of coworking as well as its unique characteristics. If you wish to join a coworking space, consider The Hive coworking space for the success and growth of your business.

A recent study shows that around 1.1 million people work in more than 18700 coworking spaces across the world. This growth rate of coworking industry in comparison to other industries is remarkably astounding but it is calculated that the coworking spaces will further grow in the years to come. The coworking trend is getting more and more popular due to two basic characteristics namely it drastically reduces the office maintenance and management costs of the businesses particularly the new business start-ups, and secondly, the coworking leads to new business opportunities in terms of establishing new client connections ensuring enhanced customer base for the businesses.

The first basic feature of the coworking spaces that attract the growing and new business start-ups is the availability of spaces for an extremely lower price. Most companies do not need an entire building or entire floor for their office. Even if they take a portion of a building or floor, it needs to be furnished and maintained which is an extra burden along with the cost of electric and water etc. On the other hand, the fast-growing coworking spaces are available with all amenities and working environments for the extremely lower price such as a flexible desk in the US costs averagely 195 ISD and 189 UROS in Europe.

The characteristics of coworking spaces which attracts or benefits the growing and start-up companies are the suitable locations of the coworking spaces, the working atmosphere, and above all the communities who help enormously in the growth of the business. In addition to this, the coworking spaces are also safer when considered too the isolated office of a start-up. Instead of taking individual office space, if you prefer a co-working space which provides all corporate facilities like conference room, kitchen, shower etc. along with cooperative and collaborative professionals, your business should eventually be accelerated.