Everything About Individual Tax Number – ITN You Should Know

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The Individual Tax Number or in short form ITN is a unique number which the CRA or the Canada Revenue Agency uses to identify your eligibility for tax purposes. The ITN is used in the cases of your ineligibility for SIN or Social Insurance Number. You need to apply for the ITN well in advance preferably as soon as you arrive in Canada. You can apply ITN free of cost and normally have to wait for four to six weeks or longer to obtain an ITN. In order to apply for the itn number, get an ITN application form, fill it up, attach the supporting documents and send to the address mentioned at the back of the application form.

The supporting documents to be attached with the ITN application form are the photocopy of passport bio-data page which is the page with your name and photo in your passport, the letter of UBC enrolment, a photocopy of your study permit if you have a study permit. If you do not have a study permit, you should attach the photocopy of passport page which contains the stamp of entry to Canada, the photocopy of any award offer letter or UBC scholarship if it is applicable, evidence of request for ITN by enrolment services if applicable, and finally a covering letter with explanation of purpose of ITN.

The most suitable mailing procedure of ITN application is to use the Canada Post Xpresspost. You can further inquire or call to the International Tax office of the Canada Revenue Agency-CRA if you do not get the ITN within six weeks of the application. You can also call the agency before submitting your ITN application to ensure you incorporate all necessary attachments and to clarify any confusion.

While filling the form, mention the “filling a Canadian income tax return” for the reason of applying the ITN. Most applicants get confused about the difference between the foreign address and mailing address. The foreign address is the address of the country where you normally or permanently reside. The mailing address is the address in Canada to which the CRA will send the ITN or any necessary notification regarding your ITN.

When it comes to aforeign tax identification number, but not applicable if you do not have the foreign tax identification number. You sign the application at the bottom of your application page. The competent authorities or officials should certify and sign on the photocopies of your passport and other documents.