Everything you need to know about hot stamping

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Hot stamping is a recent invention in the printing and packaging industry. It is used to imprint the Hallmark and to add up to the value of things. Most of the businesses these days are including hot stamping for packaging purposes of increasing the value of the system b

What is hot stamping?

Since this is a new process, not many are aware of what hot stamping is. Hot stamping refers to the process of hot stamping the press, a dye or any type. Hot stamping eventually creates an impression on the substance based on the color of your choice. Hot stamping is mostly used on foils and packaging purposes.

A hot stamping press has a heated element which, when pressed up against any substance, begins the transfer process. The heated dye or ink transfers the ink from the stamp to the substance it is being transferred to. Once the mark is made, the press is removed from the cycle leaving behind a permanent, crisp ink impression.

What is hot stamping foil used for? 

Hot stamping foils are usually used to meet the demands of the users. It has several uses and is mostly used for leather goods, binding books, ribbons, plastics, personalized items, cosmetic packaging, labels, wires, and commercial printing.

What are the benefits of hot stamping?

Since it is widely valued in the packaging industries, it is used to make the packaging stand out from others. Not only is it expensive but efficient as well.

Hot stamping is an effective, flexible procedure that ensures users can use it on different materials. This process is widely used for fabric, paper, leather, and rubber. One major benefit of hot stamping is that it is very clean. Therefore, you will not need to fear about ink stains on the package. Hot stamping is a reliable process and can last for a long time. All you need to do is add metal dye on the hot press and roll it or fix it as per your requirement.

Netpak hot stamping effect is one of the most prominent things to notice since it comes with a direct mark on the package. Different materials are used for the preparation of dyes such as brass, magnesium, and steel. However, the dye preparation will eventually depend on several factors such as budget, graphic file, quantity, and more. Make sure to get in touch with a reliable company that can help you meet all your requirements.