A Green Screen Studio Guide: Incredible Tips For Shooting Green Screen

3 min read

A green screen studio allows the shadiest among video producers to create meaningful and powerful content with stunning effects every time. On the other hand, green screening can again turn ugly and challenging if something goes wrong, and sometimes this can even scare clients away. Before a person even tries to build their own green screen studio, it is important for someone to jump at the opportunity when they are fully aware of how this video shoot production works. Following are some handy tips video creators can use to create high-quality and authentic video footage with green screening.

Lighting for Green Screen

Proper lighting plays a significant role in determining the professional look that would be drawn from green screening. It’s important to light the green as evenly as possible while also avoiding dark shadows in order to ensure the green stays neat and smooth every time. For the backdrop, a person can use diffused softbox lights to separate lighting between the backdrop and the subject.

When lighting the subject, experts recommend using a three-point lighting system that controls the fill light, key light, and backlight. A person may also use some other additional reflectors to further optimize the lighting and achieve striking results at the same time.

Create Some Adequate Space

Video creators have a hard time agreeing on what could be the most suitable distance between the subject and the backdrop. Experts claim that the most ideal space between the green screen backdrop and subject should be about 10 feet. Although a person can still achieve striking results by allowing some distance about 4-6ft, creating some further space in between usually delivers the best results every time.

Keep it Blurry in Camera

It is important to switch off in-camera sharpening in order to maintain a clean edge between the foreground and the green screen. Although in-camera sharpening usually enhances image quality, it draws imperfections and noise in the green screen, making it impossible for a person to achieve a clean edge. However, it is also worth noting that switching off in-camera sharpening may make it hard for the Director of Photography to maintain focus. Therefore, a person should ensure that they add the raw footage in post-production to further improve the image.

Resolution and Framing

Video creators should shoot their green screen production in the highest resolution possible. The more detail a person is able to retrieve and capture in an image, the cleaner and more beautiful their footage look after keying. Also when the footage is in the post-production stage, nobody would want to concern themselves much with the typical “safe areas” that are automatically cut by television screens. A good trick video creators can try to maximize resolution is to ensure their camera is always set at 90 ° when shooting tall people.


A green screen studio is a great way to create great, authentic, and high-quality videos that appeal more to clients. Following the tips shared in this guide will help video creators start a successful career in green screening right away.