How to Install a Spa Cover Lifter?

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Provided the three designs readily available, specific directions for mounting your hot tub lifter will be identified through which kind and details model you purchase. However, the bottom lines are virtually global.

  • Shelf Cover Lifter Installation

This is the most convenient lifter to mount and requires just a few devices you most likely currently have offered.

  • Mark the locations you’ll require to drill on your health spa cabinet. You’ll contend least four screw holes to make, two for each bracket. Comply with the supplier’s suggestions for proper positioning.
  • Carefully pierce openings so you will not crack your closet.
  • Mount the mounting braces using a screwdriver and the bracket hardware.
  • Insert each shelf arm securely right into a brace.
  • Inspect that the arms can be folded up in or down as they must per the manufacturer’s guidelines, which they sustain your cover appropriately.
  • Pivot Cover Lifter Installation

You might have a less complicated time with this one if you can get a person to aid you. Wrangling that bar and the slider arms on your own can be difficult.

  • Position your cover on your hot tub, making certain the edges are effectively straightened.
  • Measure, mark, and pierce openings for the braces per the maker’s specs.
  • Set up the braces.
  • Affix the slider arm and pivot arm to various other per the product guidelines.
  • Put your slider arm into the brace.
  • Lay the long, center bar across your cover. Put each end into the bent assistance arms.
  • Insert the support arms right into the pivot arms.
  • Secure all the sections according to the product directions.
  • Check tha everything functions effectively, as well as readjust as required prior to finishing up.

Hydraulic Cover Lifter Installment

An added pair of hands is handy for this. Actually, you might also locate that hiring a pro to mount it is the simplest way to go given that this set includes a digital device.