Jerome Karam Facilitates CASA Of Galveston’s New Home

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Jerome Karam recently donated space and build-out funds to build a new home for CASA of Galveston. Custom designed by an award-winning development team, the new home for the charitable organization is a showplace that gives new life to an important Galveston charity. The organization officially opened its doors yesterday at the Mainland City Center. The offices are located upstairs between The Executive Suites and World Gym. A spokesperson for CASA of Galveston immediately thanked Jerome Karam for “this amazing gift!”

CASA of Galveston operates according to the principles of the national volunteer movement, which began in Seattle in 1977. The organization’s core mission is to provide trained volunteers to advocate on behalf of neglected and abused children from the Galveston community. The organization also sponsors programs to raise awareness of child abuse and its symptoms in the hope that cases of abuse can be identified proactively before extreme physical or psychological damage is done.

Jerome Karam Friendswood Real Estate

Jerome Karam believes strongly in giving back to the community, and his Friendswood Development company often supports worthy causes while developing “impossible” real estate projects. The founder and operator of the company, Karam believes strongly in redeveloping big-box properties into multi-use sites. His signature development, the floundering Mall of the Mainland, is just such a property. Jerome Karam developed the site into the  Mainland City Center, which sports such well-known tenants as the nation’s largest trampoline park, which is called The High Altitude, and World Gym facility, which is the largest of its kind.

Other signature achievements of Jerome Karam Friendswood Real Estate Development include revitalizing The Falstaff Brewery of Galveston. Karam typically chooses projects that are deemed difficult or impossible, but his can-do attitude and real estate resources make it possible to meet the most difficult challenges with superior vision. CASA of Galveston has a new home right next to World Gym, and Karam pursues many philanthropic causes in Galveston and his native Louisiana.

Jerome Karam Projects

Some of Karam’s most visible projects include the development of many upscale communities such as the Galveston Bay Club, Bayon Bend Estates and Karam Lofts, which are an urban revitalization project that won an award in 2018. The Historic Downtown District voted the project as “The Rehabilitation Project of 2018.” Other projects include revitalizing lofts in downtown Lake Charles and other mixed-use properties in South Louisiana.

CASA of Galveston Gets a New Home

CASA of Galveston is one of 950 CASA programs across the country that grew from Seattle’s groundbreaking concept. The organization’s Court Appointed Special Advocates, from which the name CASA is derived, strives to ensure that all children get placed in a nurturing environment where they are safe and can expect permanency. There are 72 CASA programs throughout Texas, and CASA of Galveston has been run by a board of volunteers for more than 25 years.

The Board of Directors of CASA of Galveston voted to recognize Jerome Karan’s gift by dedicating their Collaborative Family Engagement Room to the Karam family.

About Jerome Karam and Friendswood Real Estate

Within the past five years, Jerome Karam, a lawyer by trade and a keen real estate visionary, developed over one million square feet of space in the Galveston and South Louisiana areas, in an attempt to revitalize local economies. Karam has been praised by Galveston County Mayor Jim Yarborough

He has become the most famous developer in Texas and Louisiana because of his work ethic, charitable philosophy and creative vision He completed his bachelor’s degree at Louisiana State University and his Juris Doctor Degree while attending Texas Southern University. He practiced personal injury law in private practice for years before becoming involved with real estate.