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Safety is extremely important in life. There is nothing more precious than life. People take certain precautionary measures every day to ensure safety. A safe and healthy environment is required for a better life. Natural disasters are one of the dangerous things for life. These take many lives when they arrive. It is the responsibility of the government to take measures to ensure the safety of the citizens. Earthquake is one of the natural disasters. It occurs by the movement seismic plates under the surface of Earth. There is no way to stop an Earthquake until today. Only safety measures could be taken in this regard.

What is the retrofit program for the upcoming earthquake?

The memory of the 1994 earthquake is still fresh in mind that took many lives. The government of Los Angeles introduced the retrofit program in 2015. According to the program, buildings across the city are being analyzed for safety purposes. First, understand the definition of a soft story building so you can better understand the retrofit program. Any building that has three or more stories with a large space on the ground floor is termed as a soft story building. These buildings are much taller and lack proper support. Therefore, these buildings are supposed to be most affected an earthquake.

The steps were taken by the government for the safety of citizens:

The government has passed an ordinance for the safety of the citizens of Los Angeles. There is news that there will be an earthquake in future in Los Angeles. The government has made teams that survey all across the city and is making a list of buildings that need improvement in terms of safety. These teams also provide consultation services. After that, it is the responsibility of the owner to improve the condition of the building; otherwise, he will be inflicted with heavy fines.