Pregnancy Photography: Highlighting Familial Bonds

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Pregnancy brings one of the most treasured times in a woman’s life. A professional in the field of pregnancy photography is well equipped with all they need to take images that mommy will cherish all her life. There are several ways to approach pregnancy photoshoot.

You can try different angles while approaching photography, sometimes a top-down view of the belly will help you light up mom’s face and enhance the belly. Keeping a part of the image blurred also helps you attain a similar effect. It helps you hide blemishes or stretch marks that mar an otherwise perfect picture.

Photographing the belly bottom-up will help you make it seem larger, which can be useful in case you’re shooting in the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy. This also works well for ladies having a low set or small belly by making it seem rounder. Also, this might help you store photos online;

What You Should Know

The world today is made up of many different families. Whether you’re photographing a single mother or a family with two mommies, it is essential to be sensitive and include the entire family in your images. Some photographers tend to leave daddy out from most of the pictures. This can be a big mistake; you must keep every relationship in mind, giving it its due importance. Introduce the new little one soon to come, to the family he/she is about to enter.

A popular image I took was of the pregnant mother, her sister-in-law (also pregnant) and their pregnant friend. They were all linking their hands on a beach. The effect on the picture was beautiful, making it a valuable asset to my portfolio. Siblings also make an excellent addition to the mother’s photos; excitement for the arrival of the new baby is evident on their faces and can make for a lovely capture.

Pets can also add some sparkle into the photos; say the family has a much-loved pet cat or a dog that loves the children. What more do you need? Animals playing with the pregnant mother will add variety and colour to your images, making the mommy-to-be very happy indeed!