Reputed Lawyer Anthony O Van Johnson Discusses His Love For Nature And His Favorite Natural Landmarks In Georgia

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Anthony O Van Johnson is a reputed lawyer from Georgia specializing in areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, DWI & DUI, product liability, divorce, and family law. Van Johnson has represented clients in over 40 different courts in the State of Georgia and is a highly regarded member of the state’s personal lawyer community. In recognition of his excellence as an able and upright practitioner of law, Van Johnson was also selected as a member of a delegation team that visited Cuba last year to inspect the country’s current system of justice from close quarters.  

Van Johnson was born at Fort Benning Military Base located at the Alabama-Georgia border. A man of many talents, Johnson showed an aptitude for a diverse range of activities from his early childhood and has worked successfully in many different professions before finally settling down as a competent family and personal injury lawyer. In the past, Anthony Johnson worked in the capacity of a professional musician, an instructor of martial arts, a nuclear scientist, and a business administrator. In addition, he is a decorated army retiree. 

However, in a recent interview, Van Johnson opened up about a little-known facet of his character—his life as an avid traveler and as a nature lover. During his long and varied life as a professional, Johnson has been to many places all across the world. Especially during his stint as a musician, he toured many countries as a drummer working with several different musical outfits. However, in the interview, Johnson claims that nothing gives him more pleasure as a traveler than exploring the many natural wonders of Georgia. He says that although he loves visiting historic landmarks and other places, he still finds the greatest pleasure in visiting places of natural beauty and wonder. In his own words: “Nothing makes me feel quite as good as when I’m in the midst of nature. In nature, one feels serene and humble. I also feel that nature gives me the space to reflect on my own life—both my life as a professional and as a person. And time and again, I come to realize deeply the simple truth that you cannot separate the two. The sort of person you are will always and invariably dictate your professional behavior.” 

But what places in Georgia he likes most? When asked this question, Johnson replied that the state is so full of natural wonders that it is difficult for him to single out any one or two places. However, he mentioned that the Stone Mountain outside Atlanta and the Jekyll Island Forest are two places that make him feel most serene and that he visits these places whenever his work takes him in the vicinity of these two natural beauties of the state.

Apart from that, Johnson added that he has a particular fondness for Okefenokee Swamp in Waycross, the largest blackwater swamp on the North American continent, and for Radium Springs in Albany. He adds that kayaking through the waters of Radium Springs and of Okefenokee makes one realize how stunningly beautiful swamps can be. Anthony O. Van Johnson says that both places make him feel as if he has been transported to another world. “It is a surreal experience altogether,” as he puts. 

Finally, when asked to choose his favorites among the many stunning falls and canyons of Georgia, the reputed lawyer again admitted that it is a tough task to choose any one or two. He named Cloudland Canyon (Dade County), Providence Canyon (Lumpkin), Amicalola Falls (Dawsonville), and Tallulah Gorge (Tallulah). Anthony O Van Johnson signed off by saying that each of these places comes with its own unique beauty and he loves visiting these wondrously beautiful places whenever he gets a chance.