Some of the Essential Details About S pass application

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The kind of work permit and authorization that may be acquired in Singapore depends on both the credentials of the foreign worker and the type of work that they undertake. In order to visit Singapore, professionals with a moderate degree of knowledge (such as accountants, journalists, and technologists) must first get an spass application.

Work permits in Singapore are issued and processed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Can Anyone Get a S Pass to Enter Singapore, and What Are the Prerequisites?

A Singapore S Pass application can be submitted if the applicant meets all of the following criteria:

  • You have intermediate professional skills (technician, analyst, accountant, journalist, etc.)
  • You may now call Singapore home since you found gainful job there. Your company will apply for the S Pass on your behalf.
  • You may count on receiving at least S$2,300 in guaranteed income per month. This is the bare minimum pay necessary for recent college grads and those with little work experience to get a S Pass.
  • For a foreign worker to qualify for an S Pass, the minimum pay requirement must be increased as their level of experience increases.
  • You are qualified because you have the required qualifications, such as a certificate or degree from a recognized university. Completion of a course that leads to a technical certification are also recognized, but only if the course was attended for at least a year.
  • You have a lot of work experience to offer, which is a huge plus.
  • Singapore Retirement Visas is something else you may want to look into.

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S Pass Application

Obtaining a S Pass involves a three-step process. Your present employer or a recruitment firm selected by them will likely handle the bulk of the application process.

The S Pass application has been submitted.

Your Singaporean employer must apply for your S Pass on your behalf. EP Online, a web-based application tool accessible via the MOM website, is the method by which they must comply.

Your presence in Singapore is not necessary for the S Pass application process.

Procedure for obtaining a S Pass consists of the following stages:

Your company will fill out the S Pass Application Form in EP Online on your behalf.

The S Pass Application Form details the appropriate paperwork, on which they must adhere it.

They must pay the current S$75 application fee to get their S Pass application processed.

A letter titled “In-Principle Approval” (IPA) will be provided to them in the event that your application is approved. A letter of IPA authorization from your employer is necessary. Seeing as how this letter serves as a single-entry visa, you are free to enter Singapore.


You will be informed if a medical examination is necessary during your stay in Singapore.This booklet details the information you and your company will need to apply for your pass.Usually, it takes around three weeks for a S Pass application to be processed. As soon as you get your IPA letter, you will have 60 days to go to Singapore.In order to apply for a S Pass, you’ll need to gather the appropriate documentation.