Things to consider while buying Silicone Milk Hose and Milk Tubing

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A silicone milk hose and dairy tubing is a component that is used in the modernized dairy farms for milking. A device is applied to the milking machinery to make the task of milking easier and convenient. This equipment is widely used to get milk from different types of animals such as goats, cow, buffalos, etc.

The equipment contains hoses and milk tubing that is clipped to the animals to get milk and vacuum tube that holds the vacuum in the cluster. The technology of milking with the help of milk hose and dairy tubing has made the milking process easier and many animals can be milked simultaneously.

Things to consider for buyingSilicone Milk Hose and Milk Tubing

Milking machines work extremely different from hand milking process. A continuous vacuum is applied inside the tube to massage the animal’s teat to receive milk in the container. Vacuum applied also help the tube stick to the animal and the process of milking ended when all the milk is received.

Many dairy farms are using silicone-milking tube to reduce their milking workload and to make the milking process efficient. The products designed with new technology and innovation and are of good strength, hygienic as they do not support the rise of bacteria with the increase in age, will not perish or crack, they are flexible and easy to install, and are available at a competitive price. This is how you need to buy an ideal milk hose and milking tube.

  • Check For Ingredient Approval:

When you are out in the market to buy silicone milk tubing, you need to concentrate that the products are made using food grade material.

It is good to check the supplier that the products sold come under the mentioned food grade. If the products are food grade, they are the best to buy and can be useful for milking for a long-term. It is crucial to educate yourself on the requirement.

  • Be Aware of The Pressure and Vacuum Requirements:

It is important to learn about the pressure and vacuum requirements. Application range may differ from one another, it is vital for you to consider whether the application you choose is one of the extreme or falls in between. The tube that is not adequate may result in low-pressure situations. For pressure and vacuum applications, a reinforced hose is required and is ideal for use.

As per the pressure required, a reinforced hose is selected, and silicone milk hose is among the best of all. It is important to make sure of your pressure needs and if you are not sure then you need to enquire and ask questions, go for the tests and find out the information from a reliable source to buy the right vacuum. Your choice of a wrong milk hose may result in rupture of the tube or explode. There may be human injuries depending upon the severity of the explosion.

  • Know The Temperature Involved:

When it comes to silicone rubber tubing, several things need to be considered such as hose and temperature. The first thing that clicks your mind while buying a milk hose is whether the hose or tubing withstands the temperature of the product that is passing through it. Whether the product is gas, liquid, dry material or electric wiring.

  • Will the silicone milk tubing is inside a comfortable temperature,
  • Will it remain flexible below freezing
  • Or will the tubing or hose outside is subject to both cold and heat?

Also, it is important to consider that the higher the temperature the less pressure the hose or tube can handle.

  • Consider Resistance And Flexibility To Kinking:

Flexibility of tubing and hose are greatly varies depending upon the type of rubber material or plastic material used in its construction. Factors that are the main cause of affecting the flexibility include wall thickness, size, force to bend, softness or hardness, temperature and reinforcement style. It is good to get them customized with coiling, corrugating and convoluting to make them more flexible and easy to use.

Some applications require the regular flexibility of the tube. In the case, where the tube is repeatedly moved such as in the case of robotics, it should be considered specially. Another thing to be considered is the kink resistance.

If your application of the tube has been done to make it bend around the machinery, then it is important to consider the resistance to kinking and collapsing. It is important to provide enough length to the design of the silicone milk hose.

  • Consider Weight:

Weight is an important factor that requires special consideration while buying a milk hose or dairy tube. Weight is important to consider that the equipment is able to perform well in the complete process. The material of the tube affects its weight. Thus, buying silicone milk tubing is good to deal with the ideal weight condition. Consider the silicone tube in which its weight doesn’t develop a situation where it pulls off the fitting connections. By buying a heavy hose, you don’t want to put the burden on the entire structure.

  • Know Whether The Hose Will Impart An Odor To The Product Travelling Through It:

It is important to know that the hose you are buying contains plasticizers to comfort the process or not. If yes, there are high chances of imparting an odor to the milk passing through it. It is good to discard the additives from the tube that are affecting the taste.

Conclusion –

It is good to buy a transparent milk hose or milk tube for the whole process so that you can see the product or milk passing through it in the right manner. Also, make sure that the hose and tube can be sterilized for reuse. It is good to research the market to buy the best product for your application.

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