Time Off Work: How It Can Benefit The Employee And Employer

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Taking time off work is often seen as a bonus or well-deserved reward for hard work. However, even when the opportunity to get out of the office presents itself, many in the American workforce are still hesitant.

How can managers encourage time off? To start, it’s advised to implement a modern leave-taking management system. Easy-to-operate and dependable, advanced software can simplify the process for everyone and make time-off requests less formal.

Another straightforward method is to modify and modernize leave policies. Vacation shaming is still prevalent in the workforce, as is an unhealthy work-life balance. By addressing outdated practices and encouraging a more balanced lifestyle, company culture could change to be more health-minded. Such changes may see better retention and higher levels of productivity across the board.

For more benefits and additional ways to encourage employees to take a break, please see the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Hour Timesheet.