Top Tips To Keep In Mind For Archival Framing 

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An art piece needs a beautiful photo frame to bring out accentuate its tiniest details. To bring out the true beauty of the piece, you need a frame that complements its various elements.

However, with the frame market reaching a global revenue of around 700 million, the number of frame options in the current market is countless. In fact, there are quite a few frame shops and services around Georgetown itself.

So, in the midst of so many options, how to choose the right one? What frame would go best with the art pieces you have in mind? If you wish to know, read on!

Tips you must consider while choosing the right archival framing for your photos

Here are some of the top tips you must keep in mind while choosing the right archival framing in Georgetown DC:

  1. Make sure youtube the right mat

Mats are the perfect way to add some color and flare to your frame design. Initially, these mats were neutral in color and essentially played the part of visual relief between the surroundings and the art.

But now, you have to think big! Having a more generous mat border will give you the ability to focus on the picture a lot more. It could complement the art and add to its beauty.

Also, make sure that the mat board you choose is acid-free!

  1. You can have a double or triple mat layer with the same color

Having a multiple-layer mat can add to the visual appeal of your frame. A lot of people think that having multiple mat layers means adding more variety and vibrance to the frame. As a result, they end up getting multiple color mats.

However, a common color across all mat layers can pave the way for a menial design and allow you to focus on the art much better.

  1. Either go for acrylic or conservation-grade glass

UV rays can cause considerable damage to the art and hence must be kept away from the painting at all costs. The only way to do this is to opt for acrylic or conservation-grade glass. By doing so, you can retain the integrity of the art piece.

  1. Go for a wide-frame molding

If your frame doesn’t come with a mat, the frame size needs to compensate. The collective size of this might still be smaller than a frame with a mat. However, it will lay focus on the art a lot more and make it look important and exciting.

  1. Add depth and variety

The key to making a good art piece is making it more memorable and dynamic. You can have the frame contribute to this by adding special details like 8-ply mat boards, narrow ornamental frames, etc. These fine details can work inside the primary frame and add layers, giving out the effect you want them to.

Wrapping up

The frame that you choose must complement the art piece, as well as the moment it captured. For the memory to live on in your home, you need a beautiful archival photo frame. Given that the frame goes with your room’s overall aesthetic, it will also complement the wall’s colors.

So, if you wish to find the perfect archival framing in Georgetown DC, keep the above tips and tricks in mind. Finding the right frame for your photos can get tricky; however, with these tips, the process might simplify itself. Happy photo frame hunting