Veritas Global Protection A Leader In The Auto Protection Plan Space

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Anybody who has ever had their car breakdown in the middle of a trip knows how expensive and frustrating the experience can be. Veritas Global Protection offers comprehensive automobile protection plans that can provide relief from these costly repairs for a small monthly fee.

At their core, Veritas Global Protection plans are like the warranty that your car came with but better. If a covered component breaks, Veritas will pay your mechanic directly so you don’t have to worry about the expense.

Drivers can also choose what they want covered. Drivers of older vehicles may want to purchase an Essentials plan that covers an automobile’s most essential and costly components, protecting them from costly engine repairs without paying to protect modern bells and whistles that their vehicle simply doesn’t have.

Alternatively, owners of newer vehicles may want Guard coverage instead because it is more comprehensive than Essentials plans. Drivers can also purchase add-ons to any contract, including tire and wheel coverage, paintless dent repairs, windshield coverage, key replacements, and cosmetic wheel repair protection.

Drivers can also choose their term. Options range from 30 days to 10 years, with most contracts listing specific mileage as well. This flexibility is virtually unheard of in the automotive protection industry, helping Veritas Global Protection stand out in a crowd.

Prospective customers can read information pamphlets detailing each of the company’s auto protection plans on its website, making it easy to identify a great fit for nearly any driver. Sales representatives can also help customers who need a little help with the process.

If a customer’s car does not breakdown over the life of their contract, there are still ways to get value out of it. For example, every contract includes roadside assistance services that can be accessed at any time.

Travel expense reimbursement is also included in every contract, providing drivers with a lifeline if a scheduled trip goes awry. Veritas even has a rental car program if drivers would prefer to continue their trip unabated.

Another way Veritas Global Protection differentiates itself is through a solid commitment to its values. While plenty of companies claim to follow some kind of mission statement, Veritas is among the few that hold their vendors to the same standard they set for themselves.

For example, Veritas Global Protection emphasizes transparency in an industry that frequently uses big words and complicated jargon to confuse customers into paying for services they do not need. The company’s customer service team is also committed to responsiveness, so they will get back to customers when they said they would.

Similarly, Veritas Global Protection is constantly looking to innovate new plans and products to better meet the needs of its customer base. Customer service is always a chief concern as well, ensuring that customers feel like their representative’s number-one priority.

Veritas Global Protection also takes the “global” in its name seriously, conducting business on six different continents. This exposure to multiple cultures and driving habits allows Veritas to bring the best of everything under one roof.

If you have any further questions about how Veritas Global Protection could save you money on auto repairs or are ready to purchase a contract today, please contact the company directly using the information provided on this page. The company is ready and waiting to address any lingering concerns you may have.